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Dublin, Ireland

Europe: Round-the-World Travel Destinations

Budget Scale: 1-5

1-least expensive; 5-most expensive
4– A capital city in western Europe equals high prices. Period. You don’t have to spend $200/day here, but it isn’t too difficult either.

Indie Travel Scale: 1-5

1-not a good Indie Travel destination; 5-a great Indie Travel destination
2– If you come from an English speaking country, Ireland probably won’t seem to foreign to you, but there are still things to do to have an indie travel experience while in Dublin.
Indie Travel Tips
If you want to get off the beaten path and have an indie travel experience, then follow these tips.

  • Instead of getting a room in a hotel or hostel, consider Couchsurfing so you can meet some locals and have some authentic Irish experiences.
  • When checking out a famous site like St. Patrick’s Cathedral, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for nearby locations that aren’t as famous like Marsh’s Library, the first public library in Ireland built in 1701.
  • Go to the Temple Bar area, then start walking in the opposite direction. Head out of the main part of the city and make your own pub crawl. You’ll probably end up in some authentic Irish pubs with great music. Grab and Guinness or some Jameson and enjoy!

Why you should add Dublin to your RTW travel list

  • Guinness – black gold, Irish tea
  • It doesn’t rain as much as you think
  • Walk along the River Liffey – it’s beautiful at night
  • Explore the rest of Ireland easily
  • Get unholily sloppy in the pubs of Temple Bar
  • Small and compact, makes for easy walking and sight-seeing
  • Chill out in Phoenix Park and St. Stephen’s Green
  • Walk across the famous ol’ Ha’penny Bridge
  • Free pints at the Guinness Brewery!
  • It’s easy to get around the rest of Europe from Dublin.

Why you should not add Dublin to your RTW travel list

  • Like all of western Europe’s large cities, it’s expensive and difficult to do on a budget.
  • Many RTW traveler’s are looking for adventure and uniqueness, and while Dublin is a great city, it won’t seem very exotic compared to other alternatives.

Are you heading to Dublin? What do you need to do?

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