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Personal Stories: Why They Went

Deciding to go on a RTW trip is a major life decision that one should not take lightly. It’s no different than any major decision you have to make during your life. For those on the fence about a RTW trip, it can be helpful to read others’ stories about why they went.

Since all situations are different, we all travel in a different way, and we all have our own reasons for wanting to pursue long-term travel, we want to compile a large list of RTW travelers so you can find someone you connect with on a personal level. So be sure to keep checking back as we add more and more articles from different RTW travelers.

Be sure to check out the following personal stories about why they went:

And don’t miss our new traveler profiles, as you may find someone who’s seems similar to you. Most of them have contact information listed, too, so you can reach out to them directly and find out what made them decide to travel the world.

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