Author: Sean Keener

RTW Ticket Comparison

So you’ve decided to take a round-the-world trip – this, we think, is something to be congratulated. The trouble is that the giddy anticipatory feeling you have when you first make the decision to take off on a long-term journey is soon replaced by the overwhelmed feeling you get when you think of all the things you need to do between now and when you leave. We’d like to help minimize your stress as much as possible.
Among the other RTW trip planning tools you’ll find throughout this section of the BootsnAll website, here’s one we hope will help you figure out which RTW ticket is right for you. We’ve looked at the top round the world tickets available, and there’s an article on each one linked below. You can read each of them for a real comparison of each ticket’s pros and cons. You’ll also find a link to learn more about BootsnAll’s own RTW tickets, which we think provide more flexibility for those whose itineraries don’t conform to the restrictions imposed by most other round-the-world tickets.

Our sister site, Round the World Tickets, has completed a secret shopper’s research project where they priced 3 different itineraries from eight different companies selling RTW plane tickets. Be sure to check out their RTW plane ticket reviews.
photo by Hong Kong dear Edward