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RTW Travel: A Decade of Changes

Even if you just came across the letters RTW and don’t personally know anyone who has taken one, there are countless people around the world who have taken that plunge and headed off into the unknown. Today’s technology has made it much easier to see firsthand accounts of those who have done it.

Since BootsnAll has been around since 1998, we have been fortunate enough to gather stories from RTW travelers for over a decade. Technology has certainly changed the ease of which someone can travel the world, but it hasn’t changed the reasons. Below we have an article written in 2000 where the author interviews several RTW travelers. Most of the trips referenced were completed in the 90’s (and even a few from the 70’s and 80’s).

The information might be a bit dated, but it’s pretty cool to look back at the history of RTW travel and see what’s changed (and what hasn’t). Since so much has changed since the first piece was written, both technology-wise and in the world, we decided to write a response to the earlier article.

Before diving into our pre-trip and post-trip interviews, enjoy reading about what has changed in the RTW world in the past decade:

The State of RTW Travel in 2000

The State of RTW Travel in 2011

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