If you had to choose one of the following 2 paths, which one would you choose that would provide the most value to you and the world?

1. Traditional education (Classrooms, High School, College/University, standardized tests, grades etc.)


2. A long-term indie travel experience (2+ years traveling, learning, volunteering and experiencing the world – you could still learn on your own via online educational courses like Treehouse and Khan Academy)

The world is in a constant state of change, but most traditional attitudes are not. See Mr. Seth Godin’s free e-book on the broken educational system that describes how our current system was engineered to produce factory workers, not creative thinkers who have a broad understanding and experience of the world much like our Indie Travel Manifesto suggests.

The solution?

Many professionals, entrepreneurs, and regular folks are taking themselves or their families on the road for extended travel, taking the classroom with them and educating themselves and their children in a non-traditional manner.

Taking kids out of school and educating them on the road is a growing trend as the world becomes more connected. It’s now realistic for regular, middle-class families to travel for long periods of time, working remotely, and educating their children on the road.

This is not the Jetsons – this actually is happening in greater and greater numbers as the world and connections become more accessible.

Learning at Machu Picchu

BootsnAll is and has been a huge proponent of using long-term travel as education since 1998, whether that means summer trips to Central America to learn Spanish, gap year trips after high school or college, pulling the kids out of school for a year-long RTW trip, or selling everything for an open-ended adventure around the world.

The trick of it all is that travel gets you with sights, sounds and food, but it’s like a game. It is FUN, and you learn. Yes, you aren’t in a classroom, but the boots on the ground learning is perhaps the best way to get a “real education.”

With the average cost of College around $25K PER YEAR (USD) now, is there a better way to invest in yourself and your kids (if you got ’em of course) than long-term indie travel?

A year-long RTW can be comfortably executed for under $20K/year (USD). Is this a better value than the 1st few years of university. Sitting in large lecture halls, memorizing stuff you can learn via Kahn Academy or on your own?

I am asking that question myself. If I could do it again, would I still go to University? I went 20 years ago now, when it was cheaper, but I’m not sure anymore.

We’ve dug into this topic many times in the past few years; here are a few feature articles that discuss the value proposition:

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  • Do you think traditional education is truly the best way to bring your child up?
  • If you had to choose between traditional education and a long-term independent travel experience – which one would you choose for yourself and your kids.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this non-traditional way of education. Even if you disagree, please tell us why?

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