Join BootsnAll’s Indie Travel Challenge 2012

If you’ve been a regular reader of BootsnAll, you know we aim to be your one-stop indie travel guide. We want to inspire you to see the world, and to help you do it more easily and for less money. We also want to create a community where like-minded indie travelers can share stories, trade tips, and help one another experience the transformative power of travel.

To that end, we launched November’s 30 Days of Indie Travel project,  a daily community blogging effort in which travelers from around the world shared their stories. We loved reading the contributions each day, and from the feedback received the BootsnAll community enjoyed it just as much. So, we think you’ll love what we have in store for you this year.

The Indie Travel Challenge 2012

Rather than doing a prompt every day for one month, we’ll post a prompt, question, or even a challenge every week for all of 2012!

Similarly to the 30 Days of Indie Travel, we’ll ask you to respond to the prompt on your own blog, and link back to BootsnAll so we can find and highlight the best submissions. You can also add a link to your submission in the comments of that week’s post, share it on our Facebook page, or post it to twitter with the hashtag #indie2012. We’ll share some of the best submissions with our readers and followers each week.

How to participate in the weekly event

The weekly challenges and prompts will be posted on the official 2012 Challenge page and on the BootsnAll blog. You can check there for it every Monday morning, or sign up for the Daily Dose newsletter (using the box at the top of the article) to have it delivered right to your inbox each week. We’ll also post it, and share community submissions via our Facebook and twitter profiles and on the Challenge page.

The Challenge page will be the main hub for all activity throughout the year. There, you can submit your own posts to be shared with the community, read posts submitted by others and vote up your favorites.

>> Click here to go to the Indie Travel Challenge 2012 page

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Just as with the original 30 Days project, you can interpret the prompt however you like. You can use videos, photos, and text, tell a story, offer advice or travel tips, or profile an experience that corresponds to that week’s themes. The only “rules” are that the blog posts be new entries and that they link back to BootsnAll. 

We hope you’ll join us for an amazing year of sharing indie travel experiences! 

The 2012 Blogging Prompts So Far

Playing catch-up? You can join in at any time, of course, so here are the prompts we’ve invited you to write about so far this year:

  1. Resolutions
  2. Indie Travel
  3. Learning through Travel
  4. Traveling in Winter
  5. Asia
  6. Indie Travel Manifesto
  7. Islands
  8. Budget Travel
  9. Italy
  10. Planning a Europe Trip
  11. Travel Bracketology
  12. Train Travel
  13. Eastern Europe
  14. Latin America Transportation
  15. Transformational Travel Stories
  16. Voluntourism
  17. New Zealand
  18. Family Travel Memory

Photos by: Ludie CochranBazaarBizarreSF, swimparallel


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  • Noah Van Loen said at 2012-01-06T06:20:46+0000: Thanks guys - great idea. It will give me some good ideas for writing, and get the creative juices flowing (while we get ready to leave on our RTW trip)! #indie2012
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  • Sandy Robert said at 2012-01-04T18:46:58+0000: Why do you have to go someplace to do a specific thing rather than go to the place for the first time to enjoy it, to marvel at its natural beauty or the wonder of its architecture.
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